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The Wildflower Experience in Bradley, CA

Avia Wildflower Triathlons
Fri May 4Sun May 6 8am Ages: family friendly
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About The Wildflower Experience in Bradley, CA

Wildflower is known all over the world for its festival-like atmosphere, challenging courses and some of the most energetic collegiate volunteers. It has been named “The Woodstock for Triathlon”, “The Best of the Best”, a “Triathlon Back to the Basic Roots”, “Elite’s Favorite Race”, and more.

Taking place in Bradley CA, Wildflower is a full weekend experience of traditional racing plus additional events and premium camping options at Lake San Antonio. These include the popular Wildflower Long Course, Olympic Distance and Sprint Distance triathlon races, and a new 5K and 10K trail run, stand-up paddle board events, and yoga sessions throughout the weekend.

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