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Just south of Carmel-by-the-Sea along Highway 1, Carmel Highlands offers majestic views from its ocean cliffs.

The Highlands is home to the Highland's Inn, a historic inn that offers a superb views to accompany drinks, dinner or an overnight stay. The area is known as Kim Novak's previous home and Maggie and Clint Eastwood's original domicile during his early years as Mayor of Carmel. The rolling hill estates are hidden from view but can really boast an amazing view of the ocean from their perches in the trees of the Highlands.  

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Scenes from Carmel Highlands
Carmel River BeachSunrising/Carmel River LagoonCarmel River BeachSeagulls at Carmel River BeachRoses at Mission San Carlos Borromeo del CarmeloCool FenceCarmelite Monastery thru Moss CoveWhalers' Cove PanoramaSunrise this morning/Carmel River LagoonCarmel River Lagoon early morning/stormy weatherpelicanSunrising on Carmel MeadowsSun coming up/trees in silhouetteIMG_9072Cloudy skies over Carmel Meadows/sunrise