Real Estate in Carmel, California's Real Estate Guide | Carmel, California Map

Carmel is well known for its beachfront homes and quaint cottages. The variety and style of architecture of Carmel homes extends from the redwood cottages of Carmel's Bohemian past to Carmel-stoned mansions with every modern convenience.

Many of the older homes are zoned historical and therefore have considerations in remodeling or updating them as the city of Carmel has laws conserving their heritage. Since Carmel does not have street signs, nor numbered addresses, many of the residences have whimsical names such as "Tinkerbell's Cottage" or "The Tree House", reflecting the literary history of Carmel's past.

If you are considering settling in Carmel, you will be pleased to find that the schools and services available to you and your children are exceptional and rated some of the highest in the U.S. If you're looking for that second home or vacation get-a-way home, you'll find that many homes are remodeled to offer the best in the way of comforts and conveniences. Many larger properties have quest houses or studios that can help extend your home into a working artist studio or office for the A type individual. Architects, interior designers and experienced construction companies in the area are especially tuned to your personal needs and budget concerns for remodeling a home on the Monterey Peninsula. You'll find many options for designing your Carmel home to suit your personal lifestyle.

The real estate market in Carmel and on the Monterey Peninsula is unique, and homes have held their value over the various ups and downs of our economy. Prices have recently leveled from the boom prices of past, however, most homes and properties have continued to rise in value over the years --- reflecting the solid value of owing a home or property in Carmel. The National Association of Real Estate offer expert information on the current market and suggestions for buying and selling in today's market.

There are many real estate services in Carmel and on the Monterey Peninsula specializing in purchasing and the selling of yThere are plenty of experienced agents on the Monterey Peninsula and many who specialize in one area. Having that person who can cater to your demands is as important as their experience. Make sure you ask for referrals and recent sales to help guide your purchase or sale and meet with several agents so you have something to compare terms and contracts.

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Carmel Architecture & History

Comstock-designed and built stone cottages to suit every whim and fancy and many have remained authentic in style. 'The Tuck Box', a popular tea cottage is just one of the many Comstock cottages in Carmel Village. Several historical books have been published celebrating this style of architecture and feature the many unique and artistic cottages of Carmel. Carmel's charms have also lured many a famous actor, writer and poet to its forest retreat as some of the owners of these cottages will provide you with a history of their famous past. Historic home & inn tours are held annually in and around the Monterey Peninsula as many literary greats have played and stayed in Carmel, making it their home.

Writers such as Jack London, George Sterling, Mary Austin and Jimmy Hopper spent blissful days and nights immortalizing their 'Bohemian' Carmel in their written works. Rich in literature and in its arts heritage, painters and artists alike still emblazon their paintings with Carmel's wild flowers and forested gardens along the white, sandy beaches and rugged cliffs.

One of the rich historical literary gems of Carmel's past. Tor House.

Visit the Carmel Mission Basilica to immerse yourself into the Spanish history of San Carolos Borromeode Carmelo Mission (1771) perfect for a historical visit, a wedding service or a spiritual stop in Carmel.

A great place to stay in Carmel.

Vacation Homes & Rentals

Even though Carmel is a mile-square village, nearly 50% of its homes are vacation rental properties and second homes. This provides the visitor with an array of vacation choices and a variety of amenities. From the windswept beachfront estate to the sprawling golf properties of Pebble Beach, you can find your heart's desire when it comes to a vacation rental on the Monterey Peninsula.

Weather conditions on the Monterey Peninsula can be sunny or foggy dependent on where you are. Carmel Valley is known for it's sunny summer days, while Carmel Village can be blanketed by fog. Nearby Big Sur, Pacific Grove and Monterey also host unique properties that can accommodate wedding and family events to large conference groups at private estates and ranches. You can choose many amenities like spa and golf packages that are easily arranged once your vacation rental is decided.

Real Estate in Carmel, California's Real Estate Guide | Carmel, California Map